New Cristian Vogel album

Sep 19, 2016

Over some 25 years, Cristian Vogels' experiments have traced much of this weirdness and evolved with it, and his understanding of synthesis and algorithmic processes to create structure makes him one of the most important composers working today. (Joe Muggs)

Cristian Vogel just released a new beautiful album 'The Assistenz'.
We at Bitwig are huge fans of Cristian Vogel's productions and his extraordinary talent to create etherial, moody and mindful music with a very own 'Vogel' dimensionality and texture in sound.

We call ourselves very lucky, that Cristian Vogel contributed the 'Cristian Vogel Lab' for the Bitwig community. His work includes 1 gigabyte of signature clips, samples, FX, and unique Bitwig device inventions such as a Granulation, Wavoloid Synth and Deep Freeze.

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