Musikmesse Round-up

Apr 20, 2015

We’re back in Berlin sharing laughs and stories of good times had at Musikmesse 2015. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited the Bitwig booth this year. It’s great to hear about all the amazing things people are doing with Bitwig Studio. It's also cool for us to show what we're working on every day alongside friends at Roger Linn, Nektar, Eve Audio, Phonon, and Future Audio Workshop.

On the final day of Musikmesse we recieved high honors from Create Digital Music. The prestigious "Best of Show Award" was presented ceremoniously amid great fanfare. Honorable Developer Claes Johanson received the award on behalf of Bitwig for working closely with Roger Linn to integrate MIDI Polyphonic Expression with Bitwig Studio 1.2. What does that mean? Let’s just say, this technology isn't for your grandmother's controller, or DAW.

Read more at Create Digital Music.

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