Trinity Youth Music Makers

Apr 23, 2014

Trinity Youth Music Makers - an outstanding youth music program in Bristol, UK, made the very first purchase of Bitwig Studio.

Trinity Community Arts is a special program that “ensures everyone has the opportunity to shape and contribute to arts and culture in Bristol.” The Youth Music Makers project works with young people from challenging circumstances, providing access to music training to develop their confidence, skills and ability to access other services and learning opportunities.

Bitwig Studio on Linux provides an compelling option for the program and to all those involved. Trinity takes advantage of Linux specifically, “because it has a free and open source software policy. We currently use Unbuntu, and Bitwig Studio runs natively on the platform – it’s a great DAW for learning.”

Learn more about the Trinity Youth Music program here:


And if you’re interested in trying out Bitwig Studio for Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows, download our free Demo version from the right sidebar of this page.

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