Ask Audio | Multi-Out Drum Kits

Apr 27, 2015

Ever wonder how to use a multi-output Kontakt 5 drum patch in Bitwig Studio? Well wonder no longer as G. W. Childs is here to enlighten us all.

Bitwig’s new advanced multi-out capabilities are are extremely cool and really get one's brain thinking questions like, “What is possible?” When I asked myself this question, I thought it might be nice to save a drum patch, consisting of Kontakt 5, that I use all the time, with the basic effects, setup with multiple outputs, routed, and ready to go. This way, I don’t have to set it up every time for every new session. Just drop in my basic kit, with the basic effects, with routing complete, and go. Follow me along in this tutorial, if you think this might be something handy for you as well.

Visit AskAudio for the full tutorial.


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