AudioTechnolgy Review | Bitwig Studio

Jul 15, 2014

"From its modular core, Bitwig Studio encourages direct user engagement and has the potential to inspire more of an open and interactive community than any DAW I’m currently using. By taking a non-denominational approach to OS religiosity, it reaches out to everyone. Its Open Controller API is a major selling point to those who’ve gazed covetously at the software-hardware integration experienced by others. The promise of being able to modify, create and share infinite and useful variations of Bitwig devices via the still-locked modular system screams with potential. And the ability to interact with performers across the room or globe using the promised network sync and online collaboration functions is equally energising. ...if the budding Bitwig Studio bears fruit the DAW market will be all the healthier for it."

Check out the full review from AudioTechnology Magazine

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