AskAudio Tutorial

Mar 9, 2015

Just because Bitwig Studio doesn't support ReWire doesn't mean you can't make it play nice with other DAWs. Gary Hiebner shows how to use Jack and MIDI routing between different apps on Mac and PC.

You may be using other audio software and are wondering how you can use this software with Bitwig. For example, maybe you're using Reason or Ableton Live and would like to use the two together. The problem is that Bitwig doesn’t support the ReWire protocol, but there is a workaround to this. Bitwig recommends that you use the Jack Audio Connection kit to route audio between the applications. I'll take this a step further showing you how you can route the MIDI between the applications. I'll be demonstrating this on a Mac, but you can follow along on a PC with the PC equivalent software.

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