Your First Steps in Bitwig Studio

We want to help you get up and running, and in this video we walk through a first launch of Bitwig Studio.

0:11 - Using the Dashboard to access… everything
0:24 - Loading a Quick Start template
0:32 - Window overview
1:10 - Playing notes on your computer keyboard
1:50 - Connecting an external controller
2:32 - Recording notes
3:11 - Accessing tutorials, manuals, and the "Getting Started" Guide

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Modulators Tutorial

A Modulator is a signal generator that is used to automatically control parameter values. In this way, Modulators can introduce movement to an otherwise static sound, giving it a life of its own.

Bitwig Studio offers a state-of-the art modulation system, that is not only advanced and flexible, but also intuitive and genuinely fun.

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Getting Around in The Grid

To take your first steps in The Grid, we’ve prepared a tutorial explaining the workflow and some important concepts.

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