Polarity Tools

Free Device Presets

In Bitwig Studio combining devices and building complex chains is fast and easy. The unique nesting system allows you to interconnect and bundle an unlimited number of devices together as a single preset.

Berlin based musician and Bitwig Studio wizard Polarity has released a number of device presets, free for you to enjoy - The Polarity Tools.

Watch Polarity's movies and download the device presets below.

  1. Effektwerk

    Beat Repeater and Multi-Effect

    Effektwerk is a MIDI controlled multi-effekt. Feed it played or arranged notes to stutter, mangle and transform your audio.

  2. Knister

    Futuristic Vinyl Crackle Noise Machine

    This device simulates vinyl crackle noises and pops in a futuristic and suprisingly contemporary way. A perfect tool to sprinkle some glitch in your mix.

  3. Haltmal

    Hold Delay and Autorepeater

    This device delays/loops the current audio indefinetly. Feed it audio and notes, and twist the knobs to manipulate the sonic qualities of an endlessly repeating loop.

  4. Krassverb

    Reverb Bordering the Endless

    A complex chain of multiple devices, put together to create a huge, lush and rich reverb.

  5. Ultimate Kick-Snare

    Snappy Kick and Snare Machines

    This set contains 2 Chain presets: kick and snare. They both have controls to make the sound your own, and they can pack a mighty punch.

  6. Polarity Dynamic-EQ

    Automatic gain reduction/boosting based on the input levels

    This device allows automatic gain reduction/boosting based on the input levels.


Download instructions

Available now and free of charge.

Downloading and installing the presets is simple:

  1. Click the red buttons below the movies to download the presets. (If downloading doesn't work try right-clicking and choosing Save As...)
  2. After downloading, unzip and move the files to the preset library:
    Mac OSX: ~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Library/Presets/Chain/
    Windows: C:\Users\**username**\Documents\Bitwig Studio\Library\Presets\Chain\
  3. In the Browser or Pop-up Browser, go to the Presets tab and type "polarity" (the creator name) or "poli" (the first part of the preset name) in the search field.

Let the journey begin.

Polarity Tools official page:

Want to check out more of Polarity's work? Here are his links: