Novation Launchpad Enhanced

Edward Cufaude
Manufacturer Novation
Model Launchpad
Github repo

Edited Launchpad script from the main Bitwig script.

Changes made from official Bitwig release:

  • Orientation for the "Arm" page with Mute, Solo, Arm changeable with orientation (Mixer button).
  • Orientation of the Volume, Pan, Send and User pages changes with the orientation (Mixer button).
  • Auto change from Mixer to Arranger following the Launchpad.
  • Bitwig indicators for User page 3 added (I suspect they were left out because they don't come out rainbow coloured), But I think they are still nice to have even though they are all white.
  • Lights and buttons on the Arm/Solo/Mute page have been reordered/recoloured to match Bitwig's ordering and colours better. i.e Mutes are now orange and on the right to match Bitwig and correct in both Mixer and Arrange orientation.
  • Lights of the right side on clip launcher made no sense so have changed the sends to yellow to match Bitwigs colours for sends.
  • Lights on the sends pages have been changed to yellow to distinguish them from the user and volume and to match Bitwig's colours for send.
  • Added a load of comments so others can better understand the code and can modify easier to your liking and grab parts for own scripts for other Novation Devices.