Novation Launchkey 61

Manufacturer Novation
Model Launchkey 61
Github repo


Controller Script for the Novation Launchkey 61 in Bitwig Studio.

You can use this script for the launchkey 49 or 61 of Novation in Bitwig.


  • Same as the original script of Bitwig for the launchkey 61.
  • Clip Launcher has been added.

How to use?

  • The difference with the original script of Bitwig is that the button under Master Slider of the Launchkey switches the pads in launcher mode.
  • You are in launcher mode as long as the light of this button is on.

In launcher mode:

  • The pads above launch the clips for the selected scene or stop it.
  • The pads under indicate in which scene you are, you can select a scene by pressing the corresponding pad.
  • The track arrows allow you to switch to the next or previous 8 tracks page.
  • The fast forward and rewind buttons allow you to switch to the next or previous scene with respect to the arrow you can see above the buttons.
  • The two round buttons allow you to launch a scene and stop it (launch up, stop down).

Don't forget to switch the transport to play if you need to record in a clip