Korg taktile 49

Manufacturer Korg
Model taktile
Github repo

Notes from the creator:

Taktile-49 can work in two different modes. By default (let's call it Default Mode), some of its buttons (for example, DAW functions or knobs/sliders when [CONTROL MODE] is off) are at midi 1 channel, others - at midi 0. In this case taktile-49 works like generic controller (midi 0) and mcu pro (midi 1). It is easy to configure, but there're some disadvantages:

  1. I don't know how to turn on/off leds in this mode
  2. You can't distinguish beetwen pad events and note events as long as pad sends notes

But there's also documented Native Mode. In Native Mode [CONTROL MODE], [CHORD SCALE], [NOTE/CONTROL] and some other buttons becomes useless, but leds works and you get 8 pad pages compatible with Bitwig Drum Machine.

By default, plugin sets taktile-49 into Native Mode, but you can switch back by pressing [SET] + [CYCLE].

In Native Mode [CONTROL MODE] button is emulated. To toggle between Control Mode and Mixer Mode press [SET] + [PREV TRACK] + [NEXT TRACK]. There is also 'control' or 'mixer' message on display depending on what mode is now on.