Edirol PCR

Andreas Linz
Manufacturer Edirol
Model PCR
Github repo

Bitwig Controller Script for the Edirol PCR USB Midi controller family.

The controller script was only tested with the PCR-300 but should work with the larger models (PCR-{500,800}), as well. The controller script assumes that you're using controller map 0. Check the tips section or refer to the user's manual on how to change the control map.


  • Switch to controller map x:
    1. Press Control Map
    2. Turn value knob until x is shown in the display
    3. Done
  • Reset the keyboard to factory defaults (manual page 81):
    1. Press Edit
    2. Select SYS using the value knob and press Enter
    3. Select SY16 using the value knob and press Enter
    4. if RST is blinking in the display, press Enter
    5. Now YES should be blinking
    6. Confirm with Enter
  • Show (firmware) program version of your PCR keyboard:
    1. Power off the keyboard
    2. Press and hold Dynamic Mapping and L1
    3. Power on
    4. Version will be displayed
    5. This script should work with older version but was only tested with the latest firmware version 1.05


Check if pad indicator leds can be set via MIDI to indicate notes set in the clip (sequence). Currently, it looks like this is not possible and the leds are always on for a pad if it transmit note events and off if it sends control change messages.