Mark Hoffman
Fort Wayne, USA

Mark Hoffman aka Space Gun Bunny is an inventor and electronic music artist combining techno dance music with wild, crazy sounds designed from toys and instruments he has circuit bent, making and performing his techno music with a passion to ignite the audience.

At an early age, Mark started guitar lessons, and by the age of 14 he was teaching at the Sound Post School of Music in Evanston, IL, where he discovered how to combine guitar pedals together to create various soundscapes. This started him down the path of exploring sound design.

After becoming a Full Sail-certified recording engineer, he toured for a year as the FOH sound man for the rock band Badfinger. After returning from the tour, he built StarNorth Studio, his electronic/circuit-bending playground, and started working on sound tracks for films and dance studios.

Mark has taught classes in break dancing and circuit bending, the art of modifying and exploring existing electronics—usually children’s toys, guitar effects, inexpensive battery-powered musical instruments, etc.—to create unique musical instruments. By adding wires, potentiometers, electric components, and switches to control new connections within the device’s pre-existing circuitry, you can interact with the toys to create an exciting new level of sounds.

Like a puppet master fueled by the power of sound, he DJs his mixes and beat transitions to mesmerize and energize the audience for a higher meditational dance experience.