Berlin, Germany

Intrigued by music from his early childhood, and more curious about the technical aspects of audio since, Jonathan’s activities now range from the creation of sounds and music for small films and advertisements to curating music or even teaching sound production.

Despite having graduated in sound design for video games, Jonathan has taken a step away from video game sound in order to get closer to an older passion: music production. Familiar with Bitwig Studio since its launch early 2014, he has since been appointed as a french-speaking product specialist and just recently came back from a Demo Tour in France where he got to demo the software in Paris’ biggest audio gear retailers. Now often in touch with the Bitwig team, when he’s not working on updating the sound content to the new in-house sound design standards, Jonathan spends his time making music or creating sounds, designing devices, presets, loops and samples, that he often shares with his followers.