Z├╝rich, Switzerland

Jan Schmidli, born 1981, makes music since his early childhood. At a young age, Jan starteed with guitar and and soon became obsessed with electronic music in the early 1990’s.

During that time, Jan picked up some old turntables and started DJ’ing. Soon after, he experimented with hardware synthesizers and samplers, expanding his setup with the latest software tools to create and manipulate sounds. By 2000, he jumped onto the growing trend of laptop performance and controllerism on top of his history as a DJ.

Jan teaches and advises many young producers on their studio work and how to choose the right gear. He also is part of a youth project in Basel, where young DJ’s can refine their craft and learn new techniques. Jan's broad understanding of the hybrid world between hardware instruments and software solutions make him someone with a lot to learn from. Jan's focus is primarily 1 to 1 lessons, and teaches in both German and English.

Jan has numerous releases under his artist name “Jay Phonic” available on different labels around the world.