Berlin, Germany

DJ and producer of electronic music since two decades, ten years of label management, now professional Bitwig enthusiast.

Falko Brocksieper started DJ’ing techno & house in the early 90’s, and got into music production shortly after. He teamed up with fellow producer Mia Grobelny in 2001 to launch two record labels - Sub Static Records and Karloff Rekordings, which have spawned over a hundered vinyl releases from international artists.

Brocksieper himself has released 3 albums, 20 EPs, and numerous remixes on various labels, exploring all the spaces between techno and electronica, dark and joyful, clean and dirty, analog and digital.
Aside from his musical career, Falko Brocksieper graduated from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2002, enjoying casual excursions into video production and graphic design.