Berlin, Germany

Dominik Petzold is a Berlin based keyboardist, synthesizer artist and electronic music producer. He leads workshops and teaches courses on recording arts and producing, often with a focus on synths, beats & grooves.

Dominik started his early music career with classical piano lessons and spent his teenage years in Rap & Rock groups, with whom he won several prizes. From 2011 – 2014 he earned a B.Mus. in popular music, keys and production. In his artistic career, he now focuses on his Berlin based Indie fusion band Lion Sphere (founded in late 2013) and a solo project.

Having started electronic production in 2003 with Cubase, he later switched to Logic Pro and Ableton, and now has a broad knowledge of DAW-Software. Since shortly after its release, Dominik has been a committed “bitwigger,” looking forward to sharing his experiences and guiding you through the vast possibilities that this software invention offers.