One Year of Bitwig Studio

Imagine triumphant Polysynth sounds while reading this.

On March 26th, 2014, Bitwig Studio was introduced to the world. One year later, you've watched, shared and hosted hundreds of hours of commercial and free learning videos. You jumped on our Open Controller API to create the most sweeping control script library available online, which continues growing today. You beta tested, downloaded, and commented on seventeen incremental updates, one huge one, and helped us develop the breakthrough platform that is Bitwig Studio.

There's nothing more we can say than "Thank You." Thank you for your tremendous support, a great year, and the excitement for what's to come... (hint, hint: 1.2!!)

To celebrate this moment, we partnered with our Berlin friends at u-he. Anyone who purchased Bitwig Studio in the week of the Bitwig Birthday earned a free license for ACE or Bazille. The bigger news: all existing license holders received a free $50 gift voucher toward the purchase of any u-he plugin. You can probably tell, we're big fans of U-HE.

Who else are we a fan of? Cristian Vogel. For over 20 years, Cristian Vogel has been at the vanguard of electronic music, pushing the boundaries of production and performance. As a special gift to us and the entire Bitwig Community, Cristian Vogel has created the first contribution for our Artist Collection in Bitwig Studio the "Cristian Vogel Bitwig Lab." This is your ticket to take a journey with Bitwig Studio into the great unknown. Download "The Cristian Vogel Bitwig Lab," combine it with your favorite sounds or projects, and enjoy the ride.

UPDATE: The 1-Year Promotion has ended. Thanks to all who purchased Bitwig Studio during our brithday week, and to the Bitwig license holders before then. We still have our sale running, so even though you won't get a free U-HE plugin, you can buy now and save big on Bitwig Studio.


Über-quality free for all.

The balance of good design and meaningful features makes a quality plug-in, and there are benchmarks. Take a look at the offerings from u-he and you will find plenty of examples on how plug-ins should be. For this reason and more, we are thrilled to collaborate with the team at u-he to offer a special gift to the Bitwig Community, marking the first year of Bitwig Studio. Over the next ten days, any purchase of Bitwig Studio includes your choice of the venerable ACE or Bazille plug-ins, for free. 

This occassion wouldn't be right without a bonus to our existing community. To all of you, we're adding a $50 gift voucher to your profile page. This voucher can be used toward any plugin in the u-he webshop. Keep in mind, the vouchers are time-limited, so redeem your gift before April 30th.

Big thanks to all of you and to our Berlin friends at u-he for making this possible.

"There are some plugins that have an inherently high quality of sound." - Hans Zimmer, Composer: Dark Knight, Interstellar, u-he User

  1. U-HE Bazille

    Digital Modular Synthesis

    Bazille is a large modular system combining digital oscillators with analogue-style filters and modelled effects, with a flexibility that only modular patching can provide. After ACE, the second spawn of our ongoing 'Berlin Modular' project, this one is a very different, much larger beast...

  2. U-HE ACE

    Subtractive Synthesis

    ACE offers classic modular synthesis and more at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hardware. But like its hardware forebears, you can patch any output into any input: the number of different ways to connect modules together is practically infinite.


Bitwig Artist Collection

Electronic music innovator, producer and performer Cristian Vogel has created the first contribution to the Artist Collection for Bitwig Studio, the "Cristian Vogel Bitwig Lab." This original package is free for the Bitwig Community, featuring nearly 1 gigabyte of signature clips, samples, FX, and device presets designed exclusively for Bitwig Studio.

Discover how Mr. Vogel uses Bitwig Devices to create granulation, deep freeze reverb, wavetable synthesis, beat generating modulators, and more. Each device preset and clip can be expanded to view the complexities at work, or minimized for performance with complete macro controls. This is your ticket to take a journey with Bitwig Studio into the unknown. Download the "Cristian Vogel Bitwig Lab," combine it with your favorite projects, and enjoy the ride.