Pads, drones and general sci-fi goodness.

This library consists of 20 presets, all made with internal instruments and effects of Bitwig Studio 2.

Not only does it include some seriously sweet sci-fi sonic imagery - ranging from retroesque to futurism - it's also a fantastic showcase of the power of Bitwig Studio 2's device nesting and modulation possibilities.

Get Trappist-2 for free from the Sonus Dept. website:

  1. DeepWig Sound Library

    Free download from Sonus Dept.

    DeepWig is a sound library for Bitwig Studio.

    DeepWig is a collection of creative presets for Bitwig Studio internal instruments and effects.
    The great -and still partly unexplored- potential of Bitwig internal devices is pushed to its limits to create a library useful both for experimentation and for a more traditional approach.
    The main strength of DeepWig is the smart use of macro controls: they are designed to turn any sound into a completely different one, allowing you to create your signature sound like if you were programming a synth from the ground.
    From the beginner to the expert, from the bizarre soundtrack composer to the electro producer, this small yet powerful collection can give you a different spin to music creation.

    Get DeepWig for free from the Sonus Dept. website:


A sound library for Bitwig Studio with focus on scoring

Filmwig is another library from Sonus Dept. made with and for Bitwig Studio. The main focus is to provide great sounds for film scoring. Here's what Sonus Dept. has to say about it:

"Filmwig features 80 machines made up using Bitwig Studio internal devices. Each snapshot is not a preset, but a complex chain of instruments and effects crafted with real-world music production in mind."

Filmwig is available to purchase from the Sonus Dept. website: