Beta Testing Bitwig Studio 2.2

If you are on this page you are likely interested in beta testing the new version of Bitwig Studio. Awesome.

Before we get started, here are a few important notes regarding beta testing and beta software in general:

  1. Avoid working on critical projects, things can go wrong
  2. Projects saved in beta versions will not open in earlier versions of Bitwig Studio

How to find the new features

You'll find Ableton Link in the Dashboard > Settings > Synchronization. After activating it a Link button will appear next to the transport panel.

The new device and modulators can be found in the pop-up browser.

In the main GUI, look for the keyboard icon to the bottom right, this opens the On-Screen Keyboard panel.

The new Studio/Touch display profile is found in Dashboard > Settings > User Interface

Reporting bugs

Send us your engine and application crash reports, even if you leave the comment field empty. It helps us track down the most frequent crashes quickly.

Write your bug reports in our dedicated Google Group, request access to the group here:

Download beta installers

The Bitwig Studio 2.2 Beta is available to everyone who owns a Bitwig Studio 2 license. Remember, you can have the beta and release version of Bitwig Studio installed at the same time.

Please note that the beta version will expire when we release Bitwig Studio 2.2 to the world.

Grab the latest beta installers here:

Download beta installers Changelog