Bitwig Studio 2.2 is Out Now

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New technology is constantly reshaping the music production landscape,
and with wonderful new things come exciting new possibilities.

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Presenting Bitwig Studio 2.2: It's never been easier to make Bitwig Studio a part your music production and performance setup.

  • With Ableton Link, Bitwig Studio syncs perfectly and effortlessly to a multitude of software solutions, including an entire ecosystem of mobile apps.
  • A new Time Shift device allows for creative timing adjustments anywhere in your device chain.
  • Get creative in modulation heaven with 4 new modulators: Polynom, Quantize, Audio Rate, Sample and Hold
  • The On-Screen Keyboard Panel is now available in all display profiles
  • New display profile: Studio/Touch
  • Lots of fixes and improvements, check the full changelog here...

Bitwig Studio 2.2 is available now, and it's free for all Bitwig Studio 2 license holders.

This is the sound of 2.2

Classic Organs, Keys and Drums.

With Bitwig Studio 2.2 we're expanding our sound content collection further, with some really classic sounds.

Rare Organs and Keys is a  treasure chest for keyboardists at any level, and lovers of harmony and melody, this package is a great choice for adding soulfulness to your tracks. Three rare, vintage organs were painstakingly sampled - every note of every dry register (drawbar) - and carefully crafted into virtual instruments ready to play in Bitwig Studio. Enjoy the historic sounds of "Farfisa Syntorchestra," "Philips Philicorda" and the very rare model "VOX Continental Baroque."

Also in this update: The world famous Bösendorfer grand piano, professionally sampled in stereo, every key in up to three velocities, and carefully crafted into a multisample instrument. This big and realistic package is easily available and ready to play in Bitwig Studio. It will cover all your piano needs and blend perfectly into any project at any stage of production.

Last but definitely not least: Our creative partner Radium provided us with an impressive sounding set of Roland TR-606 drum sounds. Sampled in their professional studio facilities and run through an array of legendary gear, these sounds come as several samples and kits. Fire up these top-notch drum sounds in your projects. You'll love the way they sound.

Grab all this great sound content from your package manager today.

A Taste of Rare Organs and Keys

Sweet licks and progressions by Fingalick

These perfectly chilled demo songs from Berlin based artist Fingalick are great examples of how the classic sounds of Rare Organs and Keys can be used in a contemporary musical context.

Ableton Link Support

Effortless sync across ecosystems

Since its release, Ableton Link has changed how musicians sync workstations across technologies, and with Bitwig Studio 2.2 we join the network.

Make Bitwig Studio the centerpiece - or cornerstone - of your production and performance setup. This new technology ensures everything is running in time and on the beat.


New Device: Time Shift

Precision timing tool

This device allows for fine-grained time adjustments anywhere in your device chain, useful for getting things in time or as a creative tool in the mixing process.

Audio Rate

Grab any audio signal in your project as a modulation source. The power of true audio rate frequency modulation at your fingertips.


Feed your modulation signals into mathematical formulas to achieve sophisticated and flexible transformations.


Reshape any modulation signal and give an edge to smooth curves with the Quantize modulator.

Sample and Hold

A real classic in the analog synth world, the Sample and Hold modulator lets you introduce chaos and breathe life into your modulation setup - as random or ordered as you like.

On-screen Keyboard Panel

Note input and visualization helper

This input panel, now included in all display profiles, gives you a handy way to play notes directly on your screen, using touch or mouse. It allows for multidimensional polyphonic expression (or MPE) input and doubles as a visualization of note playback.

New display profile

Dual Display (Studio/Touch)

With this new display profile you enjoy the best of both worlds: excellent touch input optimization on one screen, and full feature view on the other.