Dr. John Johnson


From artist to businessman over the course of 30 years, by way of a PhD in mathematical business theories, Dr. Johnson is now the founder of ICONYC, a brand with offices in NYC and Berlin that’s home to a series of record labels, a TV content division, a music academy, festival promotions, and its own social media agency.

Since launching the brand in December 2016, Johnson has built ICONYC up to a 40-strong team with a menu of high-profile partnerships and collaborations with household name brands. Denon DJ, Red Bull Music, Netflix, Pioneer DJ, Oyaide, Native Instruments, and many more major league brands continue to work with ICONYC across a number of exciting creative projects including the ICONYC TV documentary series, a music production academy, and exciting new releases in house and techno.

Inspired by technological innovation and driven by the idea that we are all unique and iconic in our own way, Johnson’s creativity is now newly articulated through his natural entrepreneurship. Happiest making connections, bringing teams together, empowering talent, encouraging meaningful content, and developing ideas.

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