Martin Eyerer

“When it comes to producing or creative working , Bitwig is my choice! I love the workflow combining classic horizontal arranging with vertical jamming and clip based composing. The software looks fresh and sounds super clean and especially the modulation options in any direction is a huge plus on my work. Bitwig delivers everything to support a modern way of writing and producing electronic music. Big fun is guaranteed!”

Martin Eyerer has been a DJ and producer for more than 20 years. His body of work includes over 100 releases for various UK and Australian labels (including Renaissance, Buzzin Fly, Great Stuff, Boxer, Audiomatique, Bedrock, Rejected, Second State and his very own Kling Klong records) and a top-three US Billboard Chart ranking. In addition to being a producer, he runs his own label (Kling Klong), operates an analog mixing and mastering studio, and is one of the three driving forces behind Riverside Studios.

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