Guy Andrews

“Bitwig has given me the ability to take my sound design and composition to whole a new level. The modulators enable me to turn the sounds I have in my head into actual usable elements in songs. There's a real level of musicality at the soul of this software, which I love.”

Guy Andrews is a London based producer who is best known for creating textural electronic music, which combines an array of influences from post-rock, techno and ambient inspired styles.

Guy Andrews continues to carve his way into the electronic music scene, exploring a new sonic palette with his début album out on Houndstooth Recordings in March 2016. Ignoring previously used DJ-friendly structures, tempos, and mix downs,  ‘Our Spaces’ breathes a new power and directness, as Guy has re-focused his approach and style. This paradigm shift is immediately evident from the album’s opening bars, with its emphatic percussion and reeling distortions a perennial feature throughout the album. This sonic aggression, however, is paralleled with a sensitivity and zeal that really adds a level of depth that is often hard to communicate consistently in album forma

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