A Preview of the Next Major Update from Bitwig...

We're on the floor at NAMM offering a preview of our next major update for Bitwig Studio. Expect the most significant addition to Bitwig Studio since the launch last spring. Bitwig Studio 1.2 is a free major update for all Bitwig license holders.  Just a sneak preview of some of the features you can expect: Group Tracks, the Audition Browser, a major Factory Content Update, and more...  It wouldn't be a Bitwig Update without a few surprises.


Create a whole new kind of preset.

Multi-out VST technology been available for quite some time, but we saw room for improvement. Now it is possible to save your multi-out VSTs with embedded plug-ins and devices. Sidechain one voice off another within the VST or anywhere else in Bitwig Studio. Multi-in VST technology is supported as well, with device slots for any available VST inputs, and saving allowed for using your custom designs in the future. Use a combination of your favorite devices and multi-out VSTs to create highly elaborate routings within a preset which you can recall anytime, in any project, on any computer that uses the same devices with Bitwig Studio.


Note MOD Device Tutorial

Check out the second in our series of videos highlighting the features of Bitwig Studio 1.1. The Note MOD Device is one of six new devices found in Bitwig Studio 1.1. Modulate virtually anything from per-note parameters such as velocity, note value, timbre, and more. Watch the video to see how it works. It's awesome.




Note Receiver

Use the receiver devices in Bitwig Studio to route notes and audio between tracks. With Note Receiver it is easy to route the note output from one track and feed it to another. To see how it works, check out the video.


  1. Jan 9, 2015

    "1.1 is a huge step forward for Bitwig, and possibly to the industry as a whole. The modulation and multi-out support really brings a new workflow that is much faster, in my opinion, than what we’ve seen from some of the other DAWs... We’re going to be growing into a Bitwig that will carry us for a long time."

  2. Jan 8, 2015

    We're heading back to NAMM!

    Visit the Bitwig Booth: #4901 on the main floor, January 22nd - 25th.
    The Bitwig Team will be there to meet and greet, talk shop, and offer a sneak peek of our next big update, Bitwig Studio 1.2.

    Details about product demonstrations to come...

    See you there!